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Advice from Larry Kramer, SLS Dean 2004 - 2012

Whatever your career direction, you should find time to include the following courses in substantive doctrine:
Administrative Law, Corporations, and Evidence.

In addition, as a part of your basic legal education, we strongly urge you to select a course from each of the following four areas:
A statutory or applied administrative law course; because so much of legal practice is based in statutes and regulations. A perspective course; that looks at law from an external or non-traditional standpoint. A qualitative course; and a clinic or experiential learning course; to help you develop your practice skills.

Many practicing lawyers also believe that the following courses are essential: Accounting and Taxation I.

One of the best features of Stanford's academic calendar is the flexibility it provides to take a great many electives. This enables you to emphasize breadth or depth in a particular area, and to achieve a truly interdisciplinary education. But it also means you can include some courses just because they seem fun or interesting, even if far afield from your professional development. Stanford Law School and Stanford University offer a diverse menu of amazing courses, with some of the world's most remarkable faculty. Take advantage of it.

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