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A Broader View

You should not use SLSNavigator as an exclusive guide in developing your curriculum. Its specific purpose is to help you find and refine your area of professional interest and to direct you to appropriate courses given that interest. As important as this is, however, it would be a mistake to focus excessively or exclusively in Law School on preparing to be a particular kind of lawyer. The best lawyers are broad-gauged intellectuals who can think creatively by drawing on a rich and varied knowledge base. So be sure to take classes that develop your mind and enrich your general understanding of law and its relation to society.

Three years offers plenty of time to take courses or engage in activities that present new perspectives and challenge assumptions, that enhance your general intellect, that give you opportunities to try new things, or that simply seem fun. Taking such courses is an important part of the Law School experience and one of the best reasons for coming to a place like Stanford, which offers them in abundance.